Preparing for ACES 2019 Conference. Here’s some podcast listening for the plane ride out to Seattle from the ACES Podcast Channel.

Each of these podcasts are available for free. The easiest way obtain them if to subscribe to the ACES Podcast Channel with you podcast software:

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Or you can download them individually here:

ACES001: On the Road to ACES2019
Holly Branthoover, ACES Conference Coordinator, chats with Marty Jencius and Eric Perry giving an overview of what ACES attendees can expect at the ACES2019 conference in Seattle.

ACES002: Graduate Student Activities - On the Road to ACES2019
Teysha Bowser and Jose “Joey” Tapia-Fuselier, ACES Graduate Student Representative speak about activities and opportunities for graduate student at the ACES 2019 Conference

ACES003: ACES Emerging Leaders - On the Road to ACES2019
Drs. Ned Golubovic and Abby Dougherty, Emerging Leaders Co-Chairs, speak about the history and activities for ACES Emerging Leaders at the ACES 2019 conference

ACES004: ACES Wellness Activities - On the Road to ACES2019
Dr. Rose Merrell-James and Stephanie DePalmer, Wellness Co-Chairs, speak about ACES wellness activities at the ACES 2019 conference

ACES005: ACES INFORM - On the Road to ACES2019
Drs. Ric Balkin and David Kleist speak about ACES INFORM, a research intensive workshop, at the ACES 2019 Conference.

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